Audition materials for the 2017-18 school are now available.


Audition materials for the 2017-18 school year are now available.  Click here!



Guitar auditions will be done by appointment.

To secure an audition time, first register online at:


Next, phone LVA at (702)799-7800, ext. 4202 after April 4 and ask for Linda Skeary to make an appointment.


The final audition date for LVA is Saturday, April 29.


Each student auditioning must:


*prepare the audition materials paying attention to tempo markings and right-hand fingerings


*secure an audition time


*come to the audition with an acoustic guitar (preferably a nylon-string guitar) (no electric guitars)


*bring music, guitar and a pick to the audition


*be prepared to perform the audition music as well as sight read three short pieces


Additional information:


*each audition is limited to 10 minutes


*all three scales must be memorized and played in first position with a pick at designated tempo


*First Position Study must be played with a pick (it is not necessary to memorize) at designated tempo following right hand picking markings.


*Studies 1, 2 & 3 must be performed finger-picking style (it is not necessary to memorize) at designated tempos using right-hand fingerings


*Students may not use any form of tablature


*audition will include three short sight reading pieces


*please do not bring letters of recommendation or grades to the audition


*parents are not allowed in the audition, but may wait in the warm-up room


In the event the link to the audition material does not work, please send an email to:

and request a copy in pdf format.


 Click the "Performance Schedule" link for dates of upcoming LVA guitar performances.


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