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Audition materials for the 2018-19 school are now available!


Audition materials for the 2018-19 school year are available.  Click here!


Guitar Auditions will be held at LVA on Saturday, April 7, 2018


Guitar auditions will be done by appointment.

To secure an audition time, phone Ms. Skeary at (702)799-7800 ext.4202



The final audition date for LVA is April 7.  If you have already auditioned, you may re-audition on April 7.


Each student auditioning must:


*prepare the audition materials paying attention to tempo markings and right-hand fingerings


*secure an audition time


*come to the audition with an acoustic guitar (preferably a nylon-string guitar) (no electric guitars)


*bring music, guitar and a pick to the audition


*be prepared to perform the audition music as well as sight read three short pieces


Additional information:


*each audition is limited to 10 minutes


*all three scales must be memorized and played in first position with a pick at designated tempo


*First Position Study must be played with a pick (it is not necessary to memorize) at designated tempo following right hand picking markings.


*Studies 1, 2 & 3 must be performed finger-picking style (it is not necessary to memorize) at designated tempos using right-hand fingerings


*Students may not use any form of tablature


*audition will include three short sight reading pieces


*please do not bring letters of recommendation or grades to the audition


*parents are not allowed in the audition, but may wait in the warm-up room


In the event the link to the audition material does not work, please send an email to:

and request a copy in pdf format.


 Click the "Performance Schedule" link for dates of upcoming LVA guitar performances.


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