Classic Rock Guitar Concert March 9, 2012  

Classic Guitar Concert March 9, 2012 Videos


Varsity 1 Guitar Ensemble

Pipeline-The Ventures

She's Leaving Home-Lennon/McCartney

Johnny B. Goode-Chuck Berry

Everything I Do-Michael Kamen

Manic Depression=Jimi Hendrix

Layla-Eric Clapton


Varsity 2 Guitar Ensemble

Carry on Wayward Son- Kerry Livgren

Here Comes the Sun-George Harrison

Jessica-Dickey Betts

You Really Got Me-Ray Davies

Sharp Dressed Man-Gibbons, Hill and Beard

Last Child-Steven Tyler and Brad Wirford


Varsity 3 Guitar Ensemble

Overture-Beethoven's Last Night-Beethoven/Mozart/O'Neill


Mozart's Little Nightmare-Mozart/Swick

Requiem-The Fifth-Beethoven/Mozart/O'Neill


A Last Illusion-Bumble Bee-thoven-Beethoven/Mozart/Rimsky-Korsakov