Seniors' Choice Guitar Concert May 20. 2016


Varsity 1 Guitar Ensemble

Get Your Picks Out-Bill Swick

The Equine’s Ox-Chris Buzzelli

Just a Few

Bill’s Bay-Chris Buzzelli

Exactly Like You-Jimmy Hugh



Varsity 2 Guitar Ensemble

Kalimba-Jurg Kindle

El Payaso-Marc Anthony Cruz

Toss Salads and Scrambled Eggs-Theme from “Frazier”-Ken Levine

High High the Moon-Morgan Lews/Nancy Hamilton

What Would Michael Kelsey Do?-Marc Anthony Cruz

Carry On Wayward Son-Kerry Livgren   



Varsity 3 Guitar Ensemble

Fredonnements-Movt. 1-Claude Gagnon

Fredonnements-Movt. 2-Claude Gagnon

Zelda Suite From the Ocarina of Time-Arr. Alex Lamonte

Dance of the Goblins-A. Bazzini

Finale-Richard Charlton (Ryan Cameron & Levi Toranzo Soloists)

F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.-The Fall of Troy