LVA Music Department 


Las Vegas Academy students perform at many community events and school district functions, some occurring after school, at night, and on weekends.  Concerts may occur outside the Las Vegas area and may require an overnight trip.  The Academy's music groups are highly motivated, and student participation is an honor and an indication of outstanding musical achievements.

It is the student's responsibility to keep parents, guardians, teachers, and employers informed of all LVA musical commitments. We realize our students have many interests and are involved in a multitude of activities.   Problems usually arise when news of a musical commitment arrives too late or not at all.  Many times success in the music department is dependent upon a student’s being at a certain place at a certain time. If a scheduling conflict exists within the Las Vegas Academy, the student’s Major will take precedence.  When conflicts occur for any reason, early dialog between parents, student, and director can usually resolve the problem.  Students must give their directors a minimum of two weeks notice in writing regarding any conflict.  Please refer to make up work policy.  


Each student  must  be  responsible  for  maintaining  passing grades  in  his/her academic as well as music classes.  Eligibility for extra curricular activities and travel requires a passing grade in each class with NO F’s or U’s.  Please refer to LVA’s academic policy for further information.

* Any student absent from class on the day of an activity or performance will not be permitted participation that day of evening unless an excuse has been granted in advance by the school principal.



Each teacher maintains regularly scheduled office hours during the “Lunch and Learn” lunch hour.   It is strongly encouraged students take advantage of these office hours. This is an opportunity to make up missing assignments, missed tests, receive extra instructional  help,  etc.     Music  students  may  be  requested  to  attend  occasional rehearsals during office hours.




Students are expected to fulfill ALL commitments to perform. This includes performances not part of a regular class.  THE PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE WILL BE UPDATED  FROM  TIME  TO  TIME. WE  WILL  MAKE  EVERY  EFFORT  TO  GIVE STUDENTS A MONTH'S NOTICE FOR ANY ADDITIONS OR DELETIONS.

1. All performances, rehearsals, clinics, and sectionals are co-curricular and therefore mandatory.  Most after-school rehearsals are scheduled from 2:15 -

3:45 PM, and late buses provide transportation home.   Rehearsals beyond the  normal  dress  rehearsals  will  only  be  scheduled  when  absolutely necessary and advanced notice will be given.


2.  Dress rehearsals allow time to adapt to a different acoustical environment and fine tune musical aesthetics.  Seating, standing, and/or part assignments may have to be changed because of risers, space limitations, musical concerns, or acoustics.


3. Students with an unapproved absence from a dress rehearsal may not be allowed to play the concert following the dress rehearsal. However, attendance is still mandatory. 

4.  A student who has missed multiple days of school for any reason may be held out of a performance. He/She is still responsible for attending dress rehearsals and concerts.  In addition, make up work may be assigned.



We realize “day of” emergencies arise where a student may have to miss an event.  If an emergency should arise, the student is responsible to notify the director during that school day.   In addition, the student must provide a written note from the parent/guardian within 3 days of returning to school both to the attendance office and to the director.  Make-up work will only be given for excused absences.

Approved absences will not be granted when there is a matter of choice.  Excuses such as no ride, having to work or baby-sit, and/or no uniform are not acceptable excuses for missing a rehearsal or performance. Students may only be excused from a performance because of illness or other emergencies over  which they and the parent have no control.   If the student has a choice between attending a music performance and going to another event, his/her responsibility to the ensemble should come first


All rehearsals and performances outside of the school day are co-curricular, meaning participation in these events is required and a part of the class grade. In the event a student is excused for missing an after school rehearsal or performance, including a

pre-arranged absence, and has given prior written notification no less than two weeks prior, the student is responsible for the following:

1)  Request make-up work from the director.

      2)  Complete make-up work within 3 school days from returning to class.

Failure to complete make-up work within 3 days shall result in ZERO PARTICIPATION POINTS for the missed activity.

In the event a student misses a school rehearsal or performance WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE unless due to an EXTREME EMERGENCY, the student is required to complete the above steps 1 and 2, but will receive only half credit for the make-up work for the first offense. Missing a second rehearsal or performance without notice will result in zero participation points for that event and any future missed events.



It is very important that students and parents make arrangements for transportation home at the conclusion of Academy events.   Parents, your cooperation in picking up your son or daughter in a timely manner is greatly appreciated.   The Las Vegas Academy and the Clark County School District will not guarantee supervision for more than 15 minutes following the completion of any school sanctioned event.  Students and parents are encouraged to discuss approximate ending times of any activity and the location of pick-up.  This planning can eliminate students waiting unsupervised for an extended period of time.  CCSD Police may be contacted to transfer any unaccompanied student to child protection services.


Rehearsal and performance etiquette is part of the student's weekly participation grade as well as grades for dress rehearsals and concerts.










Disregard  for  Rehearsal  and  Performance  Etiquette  and/or  policies  of  the  Music Department may result in:

  • Lowered participation grade
  • Conference with student
  • Parent contact
  • Alternative assignment/Detention and possible loss of chair
  • Discipline referral or counselor intervention
  • Loss of the privilege to perform with the group
  • Removal from the group


Cell phones are not to be used on campus except before and after school and during lunch. Any infraction involving the misuse of a cell phone in the classroom will reflect on the citizenship and/or class grade.


The Clark County School District provides a portion of the equipment, instruments, music, and supplies used at LVA.  Other funds are raised through ticket sales, booster clubs, playing gigs, donations, and student fundraisers.  It is the responsibility of each student to make sure all our equipment, supplies, and facilities are safe, secure, and treated with respect. This is also true of privately owned instruments and personal belongings.  Students who steal or abuse the property of others will be referred to Administration and possibly the CCSD Police Department.


Clark County School District regulations dictate students are not allowed to use any school facilities without adult supervision including practice rooms.


Students will be issued a numbered receipt every time money is turned into their teacher or instructional aide.   Make checks payable to the Las Vegas Academy and write your child’s student number on the memo line.  These receipts should be kept in a safe place for the remainder of the year in case questions arise concerning fundraising accounts, deposits, payment of fees, etc.  Teachers and instructional aides also keep a permanent record of all receipts issued to students.  Receipts are issued in the name of the student to facilitate tracking.


Please  keep  in  mind;  in  order  to  remain  eligible  for  the  Academy,  students  must maintain a “C” grade in their block class.  Since student performances are a major part of their class grade, they must attend all performances to maintain a passing grade in their block class.


Placement in block music classes is based upon mastering skills & concepts that allow music to be performed at the levels consistent for each group.  Other considerations will be total group balance in terms of instrumentation/size, student commitment to performance obligations, satisfactory student citizenship, and a very high degree of self- discipline, cooperation and teamwork.  Every student must have the recommendation of the instructor to register for any music class.

All students must maintain the highest standards of participation, cooperation, and performance ability, or they will receive alternative assignments or be transferred out of the end of the school year.  All performances, dress rehearsals, and extra rehearsals are mandatory and will therefore become part of each student's grade.


Placements at the Academy are based on competitive audition. Mastery of your instrument should be one of your primary goals.  In addition to training received at the Academy, private instruction is highly recommended.  Lessons are taught by local musicians, who are experts on their instruments.  Information regarding names and phone numbers of prospective teachers is available from the directors.


The paraprofessional program provides opportunities for professional musicians and educators to work with our students.  Paraprofessionals offer unique insights into all facets of the music industry.     These instructors are employed by the Clark County School District. Students will follow correct Rehearsal Etiquette (Code of Conduct) at all times with paraprofessional instructors.


Students must be on their absolute best behavior with all adults or student leaders acting on behalf of the regular teacher.  Students will follow correct Rehearsal Etiquette (Code of Conduct) at all times with paraprofessional instructors and substitutes. Problems with substitute teachers will result in disciplinary action.



As part of the education process, students may be recorded during rehearsals and performances. It is necessary for students to complete the CCSD Media Release form that was provided in the opening of school packet as part of the travel paperwork.


Peer Review - All students will be required to attend one performance each quarter. This could be a band, jazz band, orchestra, philharmonic, chamber class, handbells, mariachi, choir, piano, guitar, or the spring musical theater production. The following concerts cannot be used for Peer Reviews: Dance, Dance PE, Theater Productions other than the Fall or Spring Musical, or any concert where the student doing the peer review is a participant.  The performance must be at least 60 minutes long, and must be outside the student’s discipline.  For example, an orchestra student may not write a peer review on an orchestra concert.  Forms for the review are available at the box office of approved performances. Students recording for the Music Technology Class must purchase a ticket if it is to be used as a peer review.   All Peer Reviews are due within 3 days of the event. Failure to turn in a peer review may lower your grade one letter grade.


There   will   be   several   fundraising   opportunities   to   raise   money   for   trips   and miscellaneous department expenses not covered by the school district.  Please support our efforts whenever possible.     Remaining funds in a student’s   account   when he/she changes majors, leaves the school, or graduates, will become part of the general fund for his/her major.


Many Academy groups travel during the school year.  Your director will provide specific details about the trip, which must be approved by the LVA Administration and CCSD. The director will provide a schedule for deposits which will be used to facilitate planning the trip.  Travel is mandatory for higher level groups. Please check with your major teacher to see which ensembles are traveling groups.

All monies must be paid 4 – 6  weeks prior to the trip, or at the final payment deadline required by the hotel or tour operator, whichever occurs first.


Monies paid for trips are frequently non-refundable.  Only those amounts of money which are refundable will be returned provided notification is given 30 days in advance.


CCSD Music Festivals – The LVA Music Department participates in various CCSD Music Festivals.   Outstanding conductors from various educational institutions and professional organizations adjudicate these performances.   In most instances, the concert is the result of months of extensive preparation on advanced fundamentals of music performance.   Usually, the group will also be required to sight-read an unrehearsed selection or attend a clinic presented by one of the judges. Some festivals take place during the school day while others are after school or even on Saturday. Student participation is mandatory and will be reflected in the quarter grade. CCSD Music Festival performances are free and parents, friends, and relatives are encouraged to attend.

NMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival - The Solo and Ensemble Festival provides opportunities for individual recognition by performing as a soloist or playing in a small ensemble.  These ensembles usually consist of 2-16 performers.  In order to receive a rating, participants must furnish an original score for the judge with measures numbered. Credit will be given to all students who commit to perform in the festival. Participation in Solo & Ensemble Festival is a requirement for seniors wishing to receive a senior cord.   Students must participate in an LVA performing group and have permission from their director to participate in the CCSD Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Students who earn a superior rating at the CCSD Solo & Ensemble Festival are eligible to participate in the All-State Solo & Ensemble Festival. Outstanding performers in each of the following categories will be selected to compete for Command Performance at the NMEA All-State Conference: Woodwind Solo, Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Solo, Brass Ensemble, Piano, Percussion, Upper Strings Solo, Lower Strings Solo, Male Vocal, Female Vocal, Piano, Guitar, and Vocal & String Ensemble.

Clark County Honor Groups - Students are encouraged to audition for the Clark County High School Honor groups (Concert Bands, Orchestra, Jazz Band, Concert Choir, and Jazz Choir).   These groups are selected from all high schools in Clark County.  They allow outstanding musicians the opportunity to perform in a superb ensemble with a prominent guest conductor.  Students must have permission from their director to audition and participate in the CCSD Honor Groups.  Seniors must audition in order to be eligible for senior cords.  If a student auditions and is accepted into an honor group, he/she must follow through with their commitment regardless of their position in the group.

All State Honor Groups - CCSD Honor Band, Choir, and Orchestra performers are eligible to audition for the All-State Band, Choir, or Orchestra.  Students enrolled in the LVA Jazz Bands may audition for the All-State Jazz Band.  Performance sites alternate between Las Vegas, Elko, Reno, and Carson City.  Participants must commit to all rehearsals during and preceding the Nevada All-State.   Students are strongly encouraged to audition and be a part of these select groups.  In addition to participating in the corresponding LVA ensemble, students must successfully complete the corresponding CCSD Honor Ensemble (jazz band excepted), and receive permission from their director to audition for and participate in any All State activity including the All- State Solo and Ensemble Festival.   If a student auditions and is accepted into the group, he/she must follow through with their commitment regardless of their position in the group.  BE SURE TO CLEAR ALL DATES FOR AUDITIONS, REHEARSALS, AND PERFORMANCES.


Senior Cords - Seniors wishing to receive a senior cord for graduation must fulfill the following requirements:

 Receive a grade of "A" or "B" in their block class with an "O" or "S" in citizenship for each grading period during senior year.

 Receive an "A" on 1st & 2nd Semester Juries of senior year.

Participate in the NMEA Solo & Ensemble Festival during their senior year.  Audition for   a CCSD Honor group during their senior year.

 Attend all dress rehearsals and performances, including the graduation rehearsal and performance, or complete make-up if excused by director.

 Complete three electives outside your block music class offered by the LVA Music Department (see Course Catalog).  These courses need to show on your official transcript  NOTE:    Students must take Music Theory and Music Technology for two of your three required courses.

Students will apply for a chord starting May 1st.  Forms will be available in Josh Hagar’s office.  They need to be completed by both the major teacher and supervising administrator.  Cords will be issued at the senior graduation practice.

The LVA Music Department Handbook is a living document subject to changes and updates.

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